Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Braving it

- Zim and Nick....know let's see that regularly with guys on base.

- Zim Night! Breaking out....And just where in the Hell would we be without Guzie and Milledge right now!

- God Bless The Chief. He just is not right. He's no doubt been lying about his shoulder which finally gave way when he tried to reach 86 miles per hour. My prayers are with him, but he needs some serious time off. He will need a complete medical examination to say the least from this layman. Hang in their Chief! We are all rooting for you!

- Redding getting hit well, but getting outs...smart pitcher.

- 5 out of 7 feels A WHOOOOOLLLLLEEEE LOOOTTTT BETTER! Thanks Nats!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Break Up The Nats!

- A nice feeling to win a series for a change! Additionally, Teddy was actually leading in the race today then fell back...He likes the wet track.

- Lannan looking to be the fixture in the rotation that Chico is not.

- Kearns on a diet... .187

- Nieves showing the flash and a little streak. There will be places for Nieves and Flores in the Nats future. Perhaps one at 1st and the other behind the plate. there's a platoon idea.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chief ????

- 80, 80, 81, 83....That's the speed of the Chief's last four fastballs.

- Chico is looking Harrisburg bound

- 5-0 all night long. It's like watching a bad hockey game.

Friday, April 25, 2008


- Perez is giving us decent starting pitching. He's the best we have which isn't much, but on a good staff he would still be a worthy four. Damn good pick up by Trader Jim, but our guy Perez is only a 5 inning guy right now...and maybe all year.

- O'Connor...nice walk...Like Ayala was any better


- I'm really surprised at Belliard. Can't believe he lost his job with such a poor start. Felipe "Slammed" his way into the second bag for a while, and maybe permanently with that very big contract. Belliard isn't going anywhere too soon, but it will take a seriously bad streak to get felipe back on the pine.

- Milledge is all that and gonna be much more! He looks to have a beat on that centerfield postion as well these days.

- Kearns .193 and on the pine ...getting healthy the Nats website calls it....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now THIS is what we need!!!!!

- FELIPE!!!!! He told us so.

- Nieves in on just about every scoring play. I watched this guy catch briefly with the Yanks, and rest assured that he could be a better catcher for the long term than Flores.

- Never did care for our reliance on King out of the bullpen. You do need a lefty.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What a 6th

- Redding leaves and the mess begins.

- It is hard to believe that the bullpen has faltered this bad so far.

Could this be the start of something better.............NOT.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


- Lannan is all that tonight: Should go the route if he has the stuff. Pitch count is fine.

- Manny moving Milledge down and Guzie to the 2 spot are both smart moves to give the lineup a little pop because they are all we GOT! GENIUS!!!!

- Moe, Larry and Curly...Zim, Nick and Kearns All 0000000000's 7Ks AGAIN! Zim adds runs late...They all help;)

- Milledge, Harris, and Nieves producing from the bottom! 6-0 BABY IN THE 9TH with a little help from Felipe and Guzie!

Monday, April 21, 2008


-Guzie .325, Milledge .273 and then FORGET IT. PATHETIC.

- Chico: 4 inn, 8 hits, 6 runs, 6 er, 3 bb, 1 so......6.04. PATHETIC

- Ray Knight was talking about silent leadership on this team, well they need about ten sticks of dynamite to walk up this morgue! Leadership needs to vocal and firm. This crap is gonna be 5 and 15, and staring at May 1st with nothing but more crap to come. Wake up Nats. Unless you are that bad!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Please Nats!

- Lannan looking spectacular! 11 Ks and only a run...needed a lot more help gentlemen...

- Rauch put out the fire with a big KO in the 8th.

- Nick with a dinger. Kearns hitting his weight...maybe???


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nats-Mets 4/16

- Chico #47 and 46 pitches thru 2nd. YIKES! 92 pitches and one reeeeeeeealllllyyyyy long one! 5-2.

- Anybody in the 2 hole is going to see pitches, but who's gonna protect Zim? Come on Nick, Kearns and Wily Mo!!!!!!!

- It sucks having Schneider catching against us knowing every pitch we can't hit!


- The issue is: After Guzie at .333 and Lastings at .309....


That is code for Zim, Nick and Kearns. The "X" factor is anybody in there of catcher, leftfield and the pitcher. Belliard is flaming at .200. 4 and 10!

- The bullpen, our greatest strength, is paltry and The starters can go 5 but no more and Manny wants 6. He got six last night, but the pen let us down.

- Right now WE SUCK!

Monday, April 14, 2008

5 Innings and Change!

Call it what you want. It's spring and the pitcher's aren't ready. The weather makes the pitchers stiff. The pitchers stink! Whatever the case may be, the Nats' pitchers must go 5 innings and that's it. I'd say give them one baserunner unless it's a 1 run game. For what it is worth, our guys melt in the sixth inning. They let it out of the bag, and it is not necessarily a pitch count issue. It is understandable that Manny wants to get extra innings out of starters because the relief guys will eventually melt in August because they added up all those 6,7,8 and 9 innings to their arms. My point being that getting to our pen should be job one, and the pen should, at least in the spring (Until May 15), be called on at the start of the 6th inning or the first baserunner in the sixth.

The WP has today:

"He (Manny) does, though, pull the levers that run the team. And yesterday, in a situation in which his fragile club badly needed to win, he pushed each button on the control panel at the correct time. He got only five innings from his starter, right-hander Tim Redding. But on the first day closer Chad Cordero was active for a game, Acta pieced together the final 12 outs by using five relievers -- coaxing his team through the ninth, when the Braves loaded the bases and threatened to deliver a devastating loss."

Sunday, April 13, 2008


- 5 early runs and then.........RAUCH TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- How about Boonie! He looks good in the 8 spot to give the bottom on the lineup some pop. Wily Mo LOB: 5. He's swinging fine though!

- Guzie still delivering the bacon and Kearns bringing in runs even with walks. Whatever it takes!

- Redding...YO MANNY! 5 innings and THAT'S IT! Then its Hanrahan, Colome, Rauch & THE CHIEF!!!!!and The Chief can't get it above 87 regularly........

Saturday, April 12, 2008

This is a mess...

- Lannan lit up. Bergmann sent down. I think too soon.

- It's too early to panic, but this thing needs to end SOON!

- The sniping on Da Meat Hook better STOP NOW! NOBODY WAS BITCHING LAST YEAR!

- There is absolutley no production from 6,7 & 8.

- I say we live and die with Flores if this LoDuca shows no production by late May.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fight'in the Braves

- Our starters last 5 innings. Stretching that number is going to be difficult. The wheels seem to come off, or we fall behind immediately in the sixth.

- Chico's big leg kick is putting a little extra "zip" on that fastball. He's at 90-91 with the heater, and it looks like it tails up.

- Hudson throwing only 61 pitches through 5. Tough to beat a guy like that.

- You know it's bad when Rauch can't get outs and gives up Runs in the 9th! Oh Chief get better!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


- Perez cruis'in early, 5 2/3rds 1run, good night.

- Zim, Nick and Kearns: 2 for 25 against Marlins so far.

Let's be honest, we ain't winning with these three in the middle hitting like this all year. To win a World Series will require a 3-4-5 of Zim, All Star Marrero and a guy like Holliday or Ryan Howard, who doesn't yet play in a Nats uniform at this time.;)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Nats-Marlins 4/9/08

- Left Center Field does not carry in Spring time. Let's wait for the swamp heat to lift the balls! The left field line may be a hot spot for HRS.

- 7-1...I'd say we left Bergmann in just a little tooooo long.

- Bright Note: Guzie with a dinger and Milledge with a sweet bunt for a hit.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Nats-Marlins 4/7/08

- Lastings: From a boot to 3 runs batted in...call it even to a plus...for a rookie

- Good execution to get a 3-2 lead...THEN WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!
So much for the Starting Pitching: But Rally to 7-6...in the 4th!
8-7 in the bottom of the 8th. LOB 11 thru 8???? Lose 10-7.

- Is Guzie gonna be great bat, sick glove?

- Nick Johnson: So much run production in this lineup depends on him.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


- So much for Flores spending the rest of the year in the Bigs!

"I think he needs to catch a lot. I think he is going to hit in the big leagues and I know that in my heart," Corrales said. "Hopefully, if he gets to play 100 to 110 games, it would be helpful. I'm not happy with the way he is receiving."

- 5 hits against Lohse?

- 3-4....stop printing those playoff tickets...OUCH!

- BRIGHT SPOT: Lannan looked sharp for only giving up 2 runs. I say Mock should not be far behind.

- Losing close games is the sign of a poor team..........

Deja Vu all over again 5-4

- Nick like we knew he could. Watch out for those blades of grass big fella!!!

- Give Flores a break. His bat is worth his miscues, but our catching sucks in general. LoDuca can't throw and his recent passed ball was also costly. Estrada is a rumor.

-Da Meat Hook is doing his best Nick Johnson imitation

- Starting pitching coming back to earth. Anxiously waiting Lannan debut for the season...why not Mock too?

- Chief is a pharmacy ready to happen...he is my biggest concern for a mediocre to poor year for the team.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

A fighting comeback: Nats come up short

- Guzie, worth every dime and every day at short

- The bullpen held us close, but the bats came up short. Hanrahan still solid.

- Kearns is still coming up big. For all the "ship him out" abuse I gave him, he is proving me and all naysayers wrong...early;)

- Belliard (5) rbis already this season from the seven spot. He had a tough chance early in the game with the infield pulled in. We'll give him a pass on it because he'll win us many more than this one.

- LOB: 13, and lose by one run. Maybe we bunt a little more??? I'm old school.

-FLASH: Chief to the DL....BIG BAD NEWS...That arms been bad for awhile and nobody was talking about it.......

-FLASH: Lannan UP from Columbus to start Sunday?!?!...GOOD NEWS

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tough Loss: Sweep'n would've been nice!

- Tough to blow a 5 run lead!

- Bergmann...looked good early...would have liked to see him get thru the 6th.

- Austin Kearns .308 and a rbi today. At this rate, you're well worth it because now your arm and defense make you damn good.

- GUZZZZZZIE is hitting .400!!!!!!

- Anybody notice LoDuca looking back for a little talk with the HPU Brian O'Nora?
LoDuca got two of the next inside (high and tight) calls. Catchers get a little discretion.

- When you win 2 of 3 for the entire season, you usually end up in the World Series.
Start printing the tickets!

If nothing else, better ship Lopez & Da Meat Hook to AL

Let me make a short note, I think Dmitri will get enough ABs this year to be happy. He's a pro. He deserves to start. And we Know that Nick is one blade of grass from the DL.

Felipe needs much more in terms of playing time. The move to LF is probably the showcase for a trade to somewhere. He needs to play because 200 or less ABs ain't gonna make our guy happy this year. Guzie looks too healthy and in the last year of a contract to not play well.

But my caveat to Trader Jim, if you do trade these damn good players, make it to the AL. These guys are gruff enough and perhaps a little chip on the shoulder to tear us up if they stay in the NL!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Starting Pitching!!!

- Perez, Chico & Redding....Patterson & Hill WHO?
Redding...1 hit in to the 8th inning...He's healthy now!
This kind of starting pitching and we will be alive in September!

- Zim is now well on his way to exploding into stardom! Going deep the wrong way!

- Anybody notice how loose Guzie's jersey is?...Lean & Mean with 2 hits tonight!

- Chief did not throw today, and MAY NOT THROW UNTIL FRIDAY.....TROUBLE!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chief: Trouble

Let's be honest. This ain't good. A sharp pain in the shoulder with reduced velocity all spring and now "something feeling weird" in his shoulder. Exactly how is the Chief going to be ready to wake up on Wednesday and feel 100% ready to close?

Chief is numb right now, and that is the "weird" part. The sharp pain is my worry. It may be something beyond tendinitis. I'm guessing. But it is not a good situation that was VERY WELL CONCEALED ALL SPRING BY THE INK AND BROADCAST BOYS.

Bill Ladson writes:

WASHINGTON -- A day after getting a cortisone shot, Nationals closer Chad Cordero said his right shoulder feels "kind of weird." The plan is to have Cordero rest on Monday and Tuesday and the team will reevaluate the shoulder on Wednesday. Right now, there is no talk about putting him on the disabled list. Before Sunday's home opener, Cordero felt a sharp pain in his shoulder during batting practice and immediately told the training staff.

"I'm not going to really know until I start throwing on Wednesday," Cordero said. "Hopefully everything will be all right and the shot will knock it out."