Sunday, August 03, 2008

Nice Comeback! The Reds are worse than.....

well let's not get in to it. Hey, Fish! How bout dem Nats!

- Bob Carpenter. As one of the 9,000 households!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm very happy to hear that Bob C. and Don Sutton will be back. They are a pleasure to listen to, re-learn baseball and laugh as we are in the throws (sp.?) of SOME SERIOUSLY BAD BASEBALL!!!!!

-However, LAST NIGHT WAS A PLEASURE FROM THE MOMENT, my new guy Emilio Bonifacio, slapped, punched, Ichiro-ed that leadoff hit to start the game. caught his speed on the triple later on!

- Had the pleasure of waching the BUCs thrive in the growing stages of the late 80's and dominate in the early 90's. Belliard and Lind made their defense sparkle, but those teams had great arms to begin with...Drabek, Smiley, Zane Smith, even Bob Walk thrived...but then again, Bonilla, Bonds, Van Slyke... Jay Bell was Linds shortstop those days. I enjoy Bonifacio and Guzie right now, Gonzalez maybe soon, but let's see what happens when the league gets the book on these guys.