Saturday, July 05, 2008

Starters & Run Support

Chico Harlan blogging great stuff with regards to our starting pitching and run support. With Balester, Mock, Clippard, Detwiler, etc.... The pitching may not be that far away from being productive... add some healthy players and some productive new ones in the near future. Look for Trader Jim to have to make the moves next year or he may be leaving. Pitching, Pitching, Pitching!!!!!

"We've talked a lot about John Lannan's lack of run support this season, but Bergmann's support has been even more futile. Almost unbelievably futile. With Bergmann on the mound in those 10 starts -- that is, before he's taken out of the game -- the Nationals have scored a total, yes, a total, of eight runs.

Among pitchers on pace to throw at least 162 innings this season, Lannan has received the poorest run support in baseball. But if you loosen the qualifications just slightly, and look at all starters in baseball who've thrown at least 50 innings this season, Bergmann has the lowest run support average (1.95). Lannan's run support average (2.43), under these qualifications, is merely second-worst in baseball."