Friday, July 25, 2008

Giant blow out, but the roster moves are SMOK'IN!

But the real news is Estrada is no more. Johnny Estrada could have put a few more years on to his career but he never seemed to be in shape and injuries put him on the #4 of the 4th catcher out!

Langerhans making me believe that he is more than a glove with no stick. The numbers don't lie!

" Nationals outfielder Ryan Langerhans is starting to show consistency at the plate. Entering Thursday's action, Langerhans was 9-for-18 (.421) during the month of July to raise his batting average to .286...Last year, Langerhans struggled mightily and hit .167 with six home runs and 23 RBIs."

As for the Chief, I think Bowden better get so class. And for that matter, the entire organization needs a little Katherine Gibbs! Call the freaking agent first before you go on the RADIO!!!!!! How about the way the Nats screwed Patterson out of extra money before they released him?! I know it is a business, but to have class makes you a real baseball franchise and not a nickel and dime organization. Take a lesson upstairs....Bowden, Kasten, Lerners