Saturday, June 21, 2008

Outta The Duke House@!

Hopefully last night Elijah Dukes has successfully gotten out of Manny's "dukehouse" with the performance that even opposing pitcher Kevin Millwood credits with being the reason that the Nats won the game last night.

Manny had praise for Dukes,

"'He was a one-man show,' Acta said. 'He showed his abilities on defense and swinging the bat.'....AIR COMPLETELY CLEARED

but Millwood went even as far to say,

"After the game, Rangers starter Kevin Millwood was full of praise for Elijah Dukes. Millwood said he considered Dukes the key player in the Nationals' victory.

'If it wasn't for Elijah Dukes, this would have been a pretty easy game for us,' Millwood said. 'I couldn't get him out, and nobody else could either.'"

IMHO, Elijah Dukes, Milledge, Flores, Nieves, Lopez and the young arms are worth waiting on for at least until next July. Even Wil Mo is worth a little wait.

P.S. Boonie's knees are wobbling, and it ain't Minnesota's turf. He's a gamer, and we need him. But the wheel is a big ???? Hang in there Boonie ~ No Hoops this summer!