Sunday, June 29, 2008

NATIONALS BALLPARK IS FANTASTIC!!! Maybe we can fill it with players who can win!

I'm willing to wait, but let's talk about the park!

- Centerfield is the place to hang out. Even a seven year old noticed it;)

- Sitting in the red seats in centerfield is the HOT SPOT! HOTTIES GALORE! Don't take dates, girlfriends, wives or observant/talkative children;)


- Who could eat chili at 90 degree plus temperatures?

- $4.00 water...ridiculous, the best seats in the house, and they are fantastics!!!, are built so low (similar to PNC Park in Pittsburgh) that the SWAMP of DC will not afford a breeze and the heat is punishing!!!! The cheaper the seat; the better the breeze ~ you can survive a 95 degree night that way.

- "Build a Bear" could not miss any child's eye! bring your wallet, but you will be a king!

- Bagging the crab cake sandwiches was either to PISS OFF the Orioles, or a dumb move. Three people asked for it while I was in line being refused infront of them.

- SECTION 128's USHERS are the best damn guys in the PARK! Give'um a raise Lerners!