Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shoot'in the Moon

With Zim! He's lov'in this band box. Zim hits 40 in Houston playing 3rd base.

- 3-3 much like last night into the bottom of the 8th. Our pen is flirting with too many LOBs (what else is new?), and let's just hope the Astros and Berkman don't decide to get hot again like last night. Hanrahan getting some work, and his slider is slip'in nicely tonight. Manny's rid'in him. So be it.

- If LoDuc didn't have bad luck.... Let's hope he's not back on the DL. Nieves bouncing around again. This kid has a destiny to be in the lineup I truly believe.

- How about O'Connor acting like a pitcher, and throwing to NOBODY! at 1st! Pitchers. @@

- Nice to see the drunken cueball getting tossed for giving LoDuc sh-t after he got banged up. If they tried this in the NBA, you'd see a lot less fan involvement...i.e. Spike Lee, Cuban, The Pacers' fiasco, and anything that goes on in LA nightly.

- Bush 41 is a stiff. Second night he's behind the plate, and he's in a suit...with a tie! Hey, it ain't 1930. Lighten up. Not too much so you turn into 43~