Friday, May 16, 2008


- 1-0 and 7 strong for a guy who has always had it in him and actually in my mind got a quick hook from Manny when he got sent down. He had to pitch his arse off because the runs are still hard to come by on this "iron" deprieved unit.

- Here's to Lannan, Redding, Perez, Hill and Bergmann...healthy and with more runs!

- Guzie slipped under .300 for the first time in a while, and OUTsin is .192 and well below MENDOZA. Haven't we seen enough here to turn the page and send some type of a message to the youth and the aged on this team that there will be a move to future winning mixture for the Nats. Hell, let Dukes try it everyday in Right. If by August he is hitting a buck and a half, then ship his atse out too!