Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ladson writes that new Outfielders joining Kearns? Kearns is fighting for his baseball life!

Ladson is a nice fellow. But let's be frank. And I ain't talk'in Robby.
Kearns could be long gone by June if he doesn't hit better than .280.

I went thru the outfield and / or prospects early in past posts, and Kearns needs to know that if he thinks that .260, 11 HRs and 70 rbis is all he's got then he is on the bench or on the waivers wire. It is much better to try Dukes and Milledge or allow Maxwell to play instead of putting up with Kearns' sick bat this year. Granted he can field. But his fielding cost us Nick Johnson for 16 months!

Wily Mo has a free pass to swing for the fences next year regardless of his average. Milledge gets to become a pro in a new environment. Dukes is a reclamation project. Can someone tell me what the Hell that means for Kearns?!?!?! I think it means a Hot Spring and a good start!