Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jon Rauch: Perfect Big Man

Talk about looking at a guy 6' 11" looking at you from 60' 6". That's the 8th inning and then it's the Chief for the 9th. You aren't going to get a better 1-2 punch in baseball.

Looking at Rauch's numbers...He's the deal. 88 Games, 87.3 Innings pitched. In those games he's given up 75 hits and 37 runs. He's had 21 walks and 71 Ks. Chances are Rauch is going to get us through the 8th inning without any trouble. Without too much trouble, that means only 7 gopherballs last year. He only lost 4 games last year and won 8. Personally, Rauch seems to control the game in my opinion. It's usually one guy gets on when he's in there, but rarely did he ever seem to be in trouble last season. His fastball is tough, and he seems to dominate especially the weak hitters. He got a little worn down last year, but who didn't or doesn't in a long season.

The one - two punch in the 8th & 9th is something the Nats won't have to worry about in '08.