Thursday, September 13, 2007

How to Waste Money

Oh man, this is awesome. Yesterday I received the final, missing piece of my new Nationals Racing Presidents Bobblehead collection in the mail. From the moment I collected my first bobblehead (Thomas Jefferson) I just had, HAD to have all four. Mind you, I'm not usually a curator of collectibles, but these things were just too awesome not to have.

My first bobblehead acquisition of the season was nearly a disaster. Ben and I attended Thomas Jefferson night in hopes of scoring the TJ bobble, as he is a UVA grad and my mom has an unhealthy fascination with Jefferson. However, Ben and I were delayed in Lot 8 by a bottle of Jack Daniels, a 12 pack of Yuengling and a chili-cornbread pie, so we were too late for the bobbles. Ben came to the rescue when he paid an unsuspecting fan $20 for one of the bobbles, which then became a gift for my mother. She loves it. Thanks, Ben!

But I had to have one for my own- I logged onto eBay and found that there was a healthy market for the TJ bobble- they were selling for almost $30 a pop. I managed to score one for about $25 to start my own collection. I was out on the West Coast during Abe Lincoln night, so I had to turn to eBay for that as well. Luckily he wasn't too expensive- only about $20 with shipping. I managed to acquire Teddy in person on September 1, when fans waited in huge lines outside the gates in hopes of acquiring the now-lucrative bobbleheads.

The greatest challenge for me was scoring a George Washington. George is easily the most prized bobbler on the market, probably because he is the most recognizeable president to so many fans. I must have bid on 5 or six different Georges, getting outbid every time on bids as high as $50. I saw one completed auction where George sold of $99! The final straw was when I visited Mt. Vernon with my family over Labor Day weekend. I was consumed with the aura of our first president and could no longer hold off the siren call of the bobblehead. I finally bit the bullet and ended up getting a George for $60. Painful, but necessary to complete my mega super awesome cool-lection.

So now I have all four Racing President bobbleheads. They are destined for a place in my office at work, where I can proudly show them off. And hey, this winter, when it's cold and bleak, I can look at my bobbleheads in their racing splendor and think about warm ballpark nights to come. And if I let my imagination go just a bit, my desk will turn into the third base line at RFK during the middle of the fourth, the Presidents scrambling for home while the crowd goes wild.

I'm thinking I'll put Teddy in the lead.