Friday, March 09, 2007

A Ray of Hope

I caught yesterday's game against the Astros on the trusty TiVo. I had never watched a previously recorded baseball game, and I have to say that the ability to jump past the slow parts was pretty great. The Nats won 12-5, which was also pretty great.

A couple quick thoughts on the game:

-Jason Simontacchi looked pretty good on the mound. His fastball had real zip and his breaking stuff can be devastating provided he's not facing a lefty. Simontacchi plunked two of the first three batters he faced by throwing the curve high and inside. Hopefully he'll continue to perfect his control over the pitch. I, like many of you, like him to make the rotation to start the year.

-It's good to see Brian Schneider's bat coming back. He was the black hole at the plate last year in Cristian Guzman's absence after a decent year in 2005. Schneider has to step it up at the plate this year for the team to have a chance.

-Ryan Zimmerman continues to be teh awesome. He stole a hard slap liner to left in the first inning by digging in and grabbing a fastball that was low and outside. His emergence takes some of the sting out of Soriano's departure.

-I'm rooting for Chris Snelling along with Screech's Best Friend. He's scrappy, diehard and Australian. In fact, I'm giving him the early nod for the Jamey Carroll Award for Reasonably Good, Hardworking Fan Favorite in 2007.

-I would not want to run into Jesus Flores in a dark alley. His name may mean Jesus Flowers in English, but still, he looks like he could kick your ass, and mine too. In fact, I think he has intentionally chosen a wimpy-sounding name in order to lull his foes into a false sense of complacency. Jesus Flores sleeps with a night light; not because he is afraid of the dark but because the dark is afraid of him. Giraffes were created when Jesus Flores uppercutted a horse. You get the picture.

-Nook Logan- why?

-Abraham Nunez hit a nice shot over the right field fence. He could turn into a nice change of pace on a team short of power hitting.

-Josh Wilson is doing a pretty good job of getting on base, which is improving his chances of making the team while Guzman continues to struggle with injury and futility. Wilson doesn't seem to have Guzman's range in the field, but it's no contest at the plate. He had three hits and a run today.

-It was nice to see the Chief come out and put the Astros down in order in the top of the 9th. I think he joins Zimmerman as the Nats' representative at the All-Star Game in July.

-Games like this will tease and torture us all season long. I think the prognosis for the 2007 team is closer to most of what we've seen over the past two weeks than what we've seen today. Nonetheless, this team will occasionally put it all together and make for some exciting and enjoyable baseball. I'm looking forward to it.