Monday, March 19, 2007

More Free Time

Pay bills, check email, post on Curly W

For some time now Brandon and I have been musing on how unmotivated we both felt about the Nationals and how hard it was to ramp back up to daily coverage, so I was not entirely surprised by Brandon's post this morning echoing Basil's post from yesterday. As the chase dog on this blog it's been less of a problem for me, because I just have not posted. Brandon has been gamely pushing content both out of a feeling of obligation and because he's excited about the season. It's just not a kind of excitement that translates into amusing posts that tickle your funnybone. Anatomy of a 2007 Spring Training Nats post, pick two:

a) Nats have a bunch of pitchers in camp and no one knows who any of them are except John Patterson who was injured last season so it could be a long 162 games;

b) Nats have a bunch of players with great potential yet unfulfilled and if they all magically fulfill that potential they might win 80 games;

c) No really 2008 could be hot hot hot;

c) Ryan Zimmerman is teh rock star.

Baseball matters are made worse for me because I am still finding football to be so engaging even in the offseason doldrums that ginning up a story about anything from Dan Snyder's nanny to Joe Theismann's 2007 predictions is easy and it takes away all my baseball bandwidth. I'm reading the blogs and Barry Svrluga it's just not translating into inspiration to write. I thought my desire to write on football would go away in the offseason and it has not.

But I think when the season gets started, Brandon is after all a Nationals season ticket holder and loves to talk baseball, we both will get engaged.

Wait, I meant engaged in covering the team, not engaged to each other. I mean NTTAWWT but Brandon and I both live in Virginia and gay marriage is against the law so we couldn't even if we wanted to. Which we don't. I don't even own a pair of Kenneth Coles so I don't think they'd even accept me.

Hell, I forgot how much I loved watching baseball on TV until I saw the Nats on MASN last season. There's something of note in every game and at every game. The stories, the streaks, the snark, who's hot and Alfonso Soriano's 168 million dollar learning curve will provide Curly W with ample material once things get going. Now pardon me while I go break down Dan Snyder's vaguely racist new admission policy at Six Flags.

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