Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Don't Look Now

The paper or plastic decision at the grocery store may be pretty easy for Nats fans this year. Yeah I know, it's only been a few games and it's spring training and people aren't in top form and...

Question- is the Nats pitching staff as bad as expected or worse than expected? Ladson sez that the hurlers have given up 65 hits and 30 runs in their first five games.

Watching Nats games this year might be simultaneously horrifying and heart-wrenching, like watching a drunk stagger around a park without pants on. These guys remind me of the replacement players MLB used during the 1994 strike.

I'm going to agree with Ball Wonk; less than 100 losses looks like the benchmark for success this year. I've got my brown paper bag at the ready.

Image of disgruntled Detroit Lions fan bagged from Cincinnati.com