Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Save MSNBC on XM Radio!

Call them!

Cross-posted at The Curly R.

I just discovered XM Radio, which I expect some of you have for the baseball, has pulled MSNBC from its lineup. Gone. This is a huge blow to choice on satellite radio, and if it even registers with you, get over and sign a petition to get it back on the air.

I found XM Radio contacts at the Save MSNBC on XM Satellite Radio blog. I called and emailed Kevin Straley, XM vice president for talk programming and he called me back personally within 30 minutes! He indicated it was a business decision, that the MSNBC-XM contract was up, and XM was running out of transmission bandwidth, so they hacked it. He also indicated they listen to their subscribers, and if there were a groundswell, they would work to bring it back. Here is his contact info:

Kevin Straley, VP of talk programming
202-380-4378 phone
202-380-4633 fax

The central listener feedback line is 202-380-4094, and here are some others to include in your email:

Hugh Panero, Chief Executive Officer -
Nate Davis, President and Chief Operating Officer -
Gary Parsons, Chairman of the Board -
Eric Logan, Executive Vice President, Programming -

Be polite and let them know MSNBC is an important part of your listening rotation.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled baseball rant. Yeah, I know it's not a baseball post, but what's blogging if not speaking your mind?