Tuesday, August 22, 2006

DFA: Extreme Suckery Edition

I really can't wait for this corpse of a season to end. Well, maybe not. I still want to get a few Lot 8 parties in, but man is this getting old.

  • *The Nats lost to the Fish last night, 3-1. The Nats are apparently batting .246 with runners in scoring position, good for worst in the National League. Sickening, isn't it?
  • *Screech's Best Friend has a great outline of virtually every Nationals-era Bowden gaffe. I agree with almost everything that he says, with one exception. He implies that Bowden's tendency to deal for/with the Reds is further evidence of his incompetence. I've seen this implication offered on several other blogs, too. I personally don't see this as a problem. Bowden spent 10 years in the Reds' organization and thus has firsthand knowledge of the entire careers of Kearns, Lopez and others. I'd rather see him pursue guys he's had a long time to evaluate than take a chance on random players he's never heard of. If you were a manager at your job and you had to hire a bunch of positions, the first people you would recruit would be the best people from your old job, right? I would certainly start with people I knew before I started rifling through Monster.com submissions. Now, the issue of Bowden's competence in placing so much faith in Kearns and the like is another story, but let's not demonize him for going with guys he knows. That's just how the world works.
  • *What do Winston Churchill, the Village People, Steak n' Shake and the movie Memento have to do with the suckery of the Nats? Read Nate's post at Nats Triple Play to find out.