Thursday, July 20, 2006

Roll Call: Misery Loves Company

Update: stories that came late yesterday and this morning:

BallWonk: hilarious look at HBP from the perspective of other pro sports; how this trade is already hated by both teams.

JammingEcono at Banks of the Anacostia is really all over Soriano > Mariners and Livan > Mets trade rumors.

Farid at The Beltway Boys thinks Ramon Ortiz' decent outing last night might get him traded immediately, and he responds to some criticism about his calls to re-tool the team.

The title of Misschatter's raw roundup of the last two games says it all.

Screech's BF has an appreciation piece on Vinny Castilla, just released by the Padres.

NationalsEnquirer has today's Baseless Speculation of the Day.

Brian at Nationals Farm Authority has the latest Farm Report up.

Finally, like Pavlov's dog, when I heard about John Patterson having 'exploratory surgery,' I hoped hoped hoped Thurdl tell us what that really meant. Done!

Now back to our regularly scheduled Roll Call:

Post of the day: Basil's anatomy of a bunt-turned-inside-the-park- home run.

BallWonk writes an open letter to Nick Johnson: Make it so, Numbah One. Also: bats were not included in the Big Trade.

JammingEcono at Banks of the Anacostia is nosing around the Nats potential trade partners. A long post on three Detroit prospects, a realistic look at a Nats-Mariners trade for Soriano, and, after a review of a DC eatery, rumor-mongers on Soriano to the Cards and Dodgers. Look at the guys mentioned for Soriano and tell me what you think.

Man, Farid at The Beltway Boys turns out content: his take on the first game post-trade (a loss), a look at how the 'big trade' is already on its head (with a great graphic -- Farid, is that your Photoshop job?), and his thoughts on how close the fielding lineup already is to success, if just the pitching could catch up. Bonus RyZim Watch in this post.

From Chris at Capitol Punishment: angry snark on the trade, an open letter to Frank Robinson (bonus team notes in this post), the limit of Infinite Suckiness (with bonus anagram o' the day) and a look at potential Soriano trade partners: Tigers, Mariners, Angels, Yankees. Moral of this post: enjoy Alphonso while he's here.

Ryan at Distinguished Senators is pretty sure he could get a hit off this guy.

Basil at Federal Baseball has an interesting stat on teams with 100+ losses and number of wins by each team's top pitcher. Some interesting names come out of this exercise: Randy Johnson, Andy Benes and Doc Gooden (bonus 'nitwit' flamewar update). He uses cutting edge technology to model the Saturday collapse in the ninth inning: two Nats batters came to the plate with the bases loaded, down one run. It is amusing for me to read about Basil's disassociation with (or intense malaise about) Soriano trade prospects when he hammers me daily with stats. Guess Basil's a 'not real until it is' guy. Don't forget the anatomy of a bunt-turned-inside-the-park- home run.

Misschatter at Just a Nats Fan has been prolific. She looked at Kearns' and Lopez' first game, posted a video of Baseball on the Barn (Curly W will be at the next one), updated us on Wiki Gonzales and posted a roundup of Monday's game, including Nick Johnson's new at-bat music. Bonus Real American Hero mp3 on this post.

Screech's BF at Nats320 is keeping busy while his section is dark. His head is spinning over the roster moves and he reacts to the first post-trade game (no one was spared). In a post echoing Chris at Capitol Punishment, Screech's BF writes that this is not much of a team anymore. They are just sort of...diffusing into the ether. Like me, he's an Escobar supporter: he hits in every game and has a strong arm. If only he would improve his fielding. Screech's BF thinks he may be the odd man in the outfield with Armas and O'Connor coming back and the addition of Kearns. He says goodbye to Matt LeCroy, a DH in the National League, dumps on Felipe Lopez and Tony Armas as proxies for a team with no confidence, and ohh does he have the trading deadline blues! Bonus post from Nat del Negro, coming off the Nats320 bench: is Escobar staying after all? And yes, you can freely quote the Post, just attribute the comment, and if you feel like it, but it in

and/or link to the original piece.

Nationals Enquirer, as always, has the best tabloid headlines of any Nats blog. Reaction to the first post-trade game, the Showcasing of Jose Guillen, risk Cordero for more than three outs or...lose, Felipe Kearns (lol!), buh-bye Matthew LeCroy, Nationals Enquirer Mailbag (money quote:
There is a reason for this madness; and it is known as sucky pitching.
And Alex Escobar gets it done at the plate. (RyZim Watch: 17 game hit streak. Wahoowa!)

Nate at Nats Triple Play captures the boundless enthusiasm of Natworld at the time of the trade...and the hangover. If you're tired of reading about the suck, read Watson's review of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Colin at NatsFanatics has a Nationals Fan Club update. Blogswarm: Colin has been asked by the team to gauge input on stadium music. Go to the forum and post what you want to hear.

Brian at Nationals Farm Authority never sleeps. Farm reports here, here, here and here. Some words of comfort (and uncertainty) on the loss of Bray and Majewski, and a great take on the Washington Post's piece today on the Nats farm system. Brian knows this stuff.

Harper at Oleanders and Morning Glories has a message for the Reds fans: rest Majewski. He also has an observation about Being Alex Escobar. Not to be outdone by himself, he quotes his own post to make the point that Kearns is part of the future, Escobar, may be. He picked up a great quote from the longtime voice of the Reds re: Jim Bowden. The guy's no fan. His latest post has a roundup on Guillen's MRI and more more more Soriano trade rumors.

Thurdl at Nationals Institutes of Health thinks the 15-day DL is a laugher for John Patterson. He rounds up Vidro's hammy, Armas's return and Ryan Drese's rehab start here, and despite Guillen's strained elbow hurting his trade value (Guillen's, not Thurdl's), streaking Escobar and opposite-of-streaking Kearns will get to play their natural positions.

District of Baseball and Nationals Pride, as usual, round up online media coverage.