Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Roll Call: Everybody Look Busy

Slow news day for the Nationals. Alphonso Soriano singled, stole second, and then tried to score from there on Carlos Beltran's single. Vernon Wells threw him out at the plate pretty easily. His run might have given the Mets home field advantage in the World Series :)

The Nationals may be off, but the Nationals Bloggers are not. News and notes from the Natosphere:

Banks of the Anacostia
is back up and running. Check it out.

Farid at The Beltway Boys has a walk down memory lane with Robert Short and the Washington Senators. At the end of the walk, Short screwed Washington and left for Texas. Great work by Farid to unearth the RangerS first logo, a Robert Short tribute to Robert Short.

If anyone ever really wondered what On-base Percentage and Slugging Percentage mean, and where the breakpoints are for 'good' and 'bad' numbers, check out Capitol Punishment. Chris then walks us through each position, looking at the Nats starter and the league average at the position. A good look at how the Nats fare individually in the league.

Basil at Federal Baseball has...geez, just go look here and here if you want more Nats-NL comparison stats. Dense.

Misschatter has team horoscopes and is hosting another outdoor baseball party on July 15. Email her if you are interested. Update: I just caught her take on the All-Star Game.

The Guys in Section 320 must be bored with no games to go to. They are listening to the radio for Soriano stories, and Wahoowa! Another piece on RyZim (and his former prep school teammates David Wright and BJ Upton).

Something tells me Nationals Enquirer is not as optimistic about the Grand Re-opening of RFK as I am.

Brian at Nationals Farm Authority feels a little better about Bowden, now that he is revealing some particulars. As the title of the post implies, if this is just talk and doesn't lead to action, we'll turn on Bowden faster than an election year Republican to flag-burning.

This is one of the reasons I love citizen journalism. Jayson Stark at ESPN makes a suitably breathless case that the players dinging in the Home Run Derby see a drop in second half home run performance, because swinging for the fences 40 or 50 times in two hours wears these specimens down for the next 3 months. Harper at Oleanders and Morning Glories takes a look at some empirical evidence to cast some doubt on Stark's concrete evidence. He also has a great look back at preseason predictions, and how that all turned out.

As ever, Jeff at District of Baseball links to all the online media coverage of the Nats.