Monday, October 03, 2005

Nats MVP

Chris Needham has an excellent discussion going on over at Capitol Punishment about who the MVP and Cy Young would be just for the Nats. Here are my picks.

1. Chad Cordero
2. Luis Ayala
3. Brian Schneider

Cy Young
John Patterson

I feel the need to qualify these. Cordero gets MVP because he saved so many games. If you recall we didn't have a known closer at the beginning of the year and that was just one reason why people thought the Nats would get destroyed. 23 year old Cordero came out of nowhere and led the MLB in saves. Awesome. Is anyone else concerned about his ability to play 162 games though? He went from savior to liability at the end of the year.

Ayala didn't get much credit this year but he was huge as an inning-eater when the team wasn't always getting quality starts from the rotation. In fact, Frank pitched him so much (he led the league in IP for most of the year) that he wore out too early. The entire bullpen was solid this year but Ayala was the best of them.

Brian Schneider was at times the only constant in the offense. He quietly put up solid offensive numbers and could be counted on to deliver in the clutch. He was also one of the only Nationals regulars not to end up injured for long stretches of time, which gave the team consistency in terms of personnel. I think I read somewhere that the Nats used more players (50-some) than any team in the majors. Schneider was always there when the team needed him. He was also a great defensive catcher.

Patterson gets Cy Young because he's hands down the team's best pitcher. His record doesn't reflect his dominance this year, due to crappy run support. The 3.5 man rotation in September also hurt him.